Information for Learners

Welearn is designed to allow students tutor or teach other students on campus. Everyone has knowledge, skills and abilities that are valuable to others. As a student we sometimes all need help, or have interests in other subject matters that are not part of our program. Welearn provides a platform where students can arrange face-to-face classes or workshops to learn and tutor others. Below is an outline of how this site works from a learner's perspective.

How it works

As a student you can browse the classes/workshops that are being offered on your campus. If you find one that interest you, you can sign up. Once there is sufficient enrollment, the class will become active and will be provided to the students.

Steps to take a class

1. Go to your Registration page (www.welearn.ca/registerpage.php) by clicking on the "Become a Learner" button above.
2. Complete your profile.
3. Sign in to your account.
4. Find a course (or courses) of interest by selecting the "Browse Courses" option on the "Courses" pulldown above. or going to www.welearn.ca/allcourses.php.
5. Click on the course title.
6. Note the class details (e.g. location, time, description etc.).
7. Enroll in the class by clicking on the "Enroll in Class" button.
8. Pay for your class (if required) through PayPal or by using your credit card.
9. Monitor the class and check your emails to learn when the class's status changes from pending to active.
10. Encouraging your friends to join you in the class will make it become active more quickly!
11. Go to your class and have a great time!
12. Explore the site for your next class.

To begin, you can sign up OR browse the courses on campus by selecting a button above.