Frequently Asked

Frequently asked Questions from Learners

What if I miss the class?
You simply forfeit your fee.

What if the instructor misses the class?
You will be reimbursed your money.

How do I give feedback to the instructor?
Please rate each class on the website and leave constructive comments for the instructor.

When do I pay?
The money is taken from your paypal account when the class becomes active.

What if an instructor cancels a class?
You will be reimbursed your fee. If the instructor is only postponing the class (e.g. because of a family emergency) you will be notified when it comes active again.

Can I withdraw from a class?
Yes, if you withdraw before a class becomes active you will not be charged the class fee. If you withdraw after the class becomes active you will he charged the fee.

Frequently asked Questions from Educators

What if I miss the class?
You forfeit your payments for the class and will be rated poorly by the students, 3 poorly rated classes will exclude you from offering future classes.

What if a student misses a class?
You are still paid for your time.

How do I improve my ratings and comments?
Offer and provide excellent classes. The 20 most recent comments and ratings are what are shown on the website.

How do I cancel a class?
You can switch a class from active to pending, or remove it. Students will be notified of the changes.

Can I change my profile?
Yes, at any time, to reflect your current knowledge, experience and life situation.