share your gifts

  Welearn together, sharing gifts, building dreams. 

Welearn brings students together to share their knowledge, skills and abilities - their gifts. There are times during the term when we all need help to understand a subject, or we just need a break and would enjoy briefly learning about a new topic, or have someone coach us or guide us in a relaxation exercise, fitness technique or sport. We believe everyone on our campus has gifts that are valued by fellow students, and we can all learn and be supported by each other. Each of us can be a tutor and a student. This site provides easy access to student lead classes and workshops that are taking place every day on our campus. It also provides you with the skills necessary to teach your own class or mentor a fellow student. Welearn provides the administrative and marketing support to ensure that all the peer-peer classes are successful and that we all can enjoy and benefit from our campus experience.

To tutor or take a class or workshop on campus, please complete a profile by clicking on the SIGN UP link below.